Wayne W. Sell delivers for our customers throughout the Mid West and Northeast.  Our Flat Bed, Bulk Tank and Van transportation services offer customers reliability and affordability.  We can track customer shipments in real-time and offer 24/7 live dispatch.




When Wayne W. Sell opened for business in 1955, flat bed service was one of the first services we offered to our customers in the construction industry.  Today, we have a fleet of 30 flat bed trailers, including standard flat beds and stretch flat beds up to 80 feet, serving customers working in the Construction, Steel and Building Products industries.



Bulk transport is by far the fastest growing area of our business, thanks in part to increased demand fueled by Marcellus Shale drilling.  We are proud to serve these natural gas companies and are excited about the growth opportunities this industry is bringing to our region.  We have over 90 dry-bulk tanks in our fleet and we transport cement, sand, coke, fly ash, bauxite, salt and plastic to customers working in Oil/Natural Gas, Construction, Aluminum, Building Materials and Plastics industries.



Our fleet of 15 vans offers customers flexibility in transporting their materials, particularly for our customers working in the Aluminum and Building Products industries.



“We have been a customer of Wayne W. Sell’s for over 20 years.  Their service has earned our business and our loyalty.   We have formed a real partnership.”


Tom Curry Metals USA