About Wayne W. Sell Corporation

 Our founder, Wayne W. Sell, began driving commercially when he was 16 years old. His dream was to own his own rig.

 In 1955, when he was twenty-three years old and fresh out of the U.S. Army Motor Pool, Wayne, along with his wife Jane, bought their first tractor and trailer. This was the birth of Wayne's company. The company's first contracts were for hauling cement and steel. The work was hard and the hours were long. Eventually, Wayne's strong commitment to offering superior service to his customers reaped great rewards. His company continued to grow and incorporated on August 13th, 1962.

 That operation, which began with just one rig, has grown to over seventy tractor trailers and now offers flat bed, van and bulk tank services to the entire Northeast Region as well as portions of the South and Midwest Regions.

 In 2008, with heavy hearts we said goodbye to our beloved founder and President. Wayne's son John now serves as President of the company. John Sell's career at Wayne W. Sell Corporation began humbly by sweeping floors and cleaning tractors and trailers, he worked his way to a role in dispatch, before becoming Vice President, and eventually President. John started at the bottom, and worked his way to the top, and by doing so he learned all of the inner workings of the company.

 Our current operations staff consists of six full time dispatchers (who are available to assist drivers and customers 24/7), a full time Safety Director and Safety Assistant, a full-time Driver recruiter, a seven person office staff and a crew of twelve mechanics.

 We are very excited about the development that the Marcellus Shale industry has brought to our region, and to our company. We have experienced steady growth throughout the last decade, and expect it to continue in the years to come. As we grow we will continue to offer superior service to our customers and look forward to what the future holds for our customers and our company.

 By delivering flexible, reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions, we have developed long-standing customer relationships that have fueled our growth and success. We don't take our customers' business for granted – we work to keep it with every load. Our modernized fleet, investments in technology and focus on driver safety demonstrate our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers and safeguarding our drivers.

Wayne W. Sell - Army
Wayne and Jane Sell
Wayne W. Sell Early Trucks
Wayne W. Sell Early Trucks