Flat Bed

We have over thirty Flatbed trailers in our fleet. Flatbed loads consist of Aluminum, Brick, Lumber, Bagged Cement, Landscape materials, Building supplies, Scrap metal, and Steel. There are regional and over the road Flatbed loads available. We dispatch loads out of our main terminal in Sarver, PA as well as our Tyler, TX location:

8549 US HWY 69N
Tyler, TX 75706
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Dry Van

Our Dry Van division is regional and offers excellent home time. At most a driver is out one to two nights per week, but that is only on a rare occasion. The main product hauled in our dry van division is alumina calcined, which are generally used to make high grade ceramic shapes.

Dry Bulk

We have approximately seventy Dry Bulk tanks dedicated to our Dry Bulk division. Dry Bulk loads mainly consist of Cement, Fly Ash & Barite and our hauls for these commodities are regional and offer daily home time. We have loads based in Southwestern PA and Northwestern NY. Our presence in Northwestern NY is growing. It is important to note that we have year round opportunities for hauling dry bulk commodities.

Sand (Bulk Tank & Sand Box)

Frac Sand is a vital component of the natural gas well drilling process, and we pride ourselves on providing quality transportation service to our energy customers. Our sand division directly services the natural gas industry. We have over ninety sand tanks in our fleet. Drivers working in this division will pick up sand directly from loading facilities and deliver to the pad at the drilling site for the duration of the job. Most jobs that we service are located in Southwestern PA, Ohio and West Virginia. A lot of our customers use many of the same loading facilities, so you will be able to become familiar with the loading locations rather quickly. Drilling jobs can last for a period of a couple weeks to a few months depending on the size of the job. While the job lasts you will be delivering to the same location, which makes it easy to learn your route and always know where you are going. However, since we move from one drilling site to the next you won't be stuck in a constant monotony and will get to move around to new locations.